10/12/13 By Jennifer Brown

Are You Thanking Your Employees Enough?Of all the things you can do for your employees, a simple “Thank You” is the most inexpensive and often the most impactful gesture a business owner can make to her employees. The results from a study conducted by Sirota Consulting, which was based on interviews with 2.5 million employees in 237 private, public, and not-for-profit organizations in 89 countries around the world, revealed that only 51% of workers were satisfied with the recognition they received after a job well done.

By making your employees feel appreciated, you will see a host of benefits. Employees who feel appreciated enjoy their work more and become more productive. They feel less stress and are generally more content on the job. They are more loyal and want to stay with your company, as opposed to leaving to look for a place where they feel more appreciated.

There are many ways to go about showing your appreciation, and many are inexpensive or even cost-free!

It takes is a little bit of effort on your part, but it will pay huge dividends. Here are a few ways an employer can show employees that they are valued members of the company team:

– Go see an employee in their office and verbally thank them.
– Email or call an employee and express your appreciation.
– Write a handwritten Thank You Note
– Make your appreciation a day-to-day occurrence: Bringing in a fancy cake once a year on “Employee Appreciation Day” is nice, but day-to-day demonstrations of your appreciation go much further. Make a small gesture on a regular basis, and you will see significant results.
– Give your employee a low-cost gift such as a plant, flowers, or tickets to an event.
– Take your employee to lunch.

Remember to be specific when you thank an employee for something. Be clear about the particular behavior that was so appreciated so that they know what to repeat in the future.

For more ideas on low-cost ways to reward and recognize your employees, read 1001 Ways to Reward Employees by Bob Nelson.

Please share some of the ways in which you have thanked your employees in the “reply” box below.

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