07/09/16 By Jennifer Brown

How to Build and Keep a Rock Star TeamThe well-known saying “a team is only as strong as its weakest link” is so true. Whether you’re on the sports field or in the boardroom, having a talented, synergistic team can be the key to winning the championship game or landing that high revenue client. However, building and maintaining a rock star team is not an automatic process. It takes strategy, attention, and a little tender loving care (TLC). Here are few things to consider:

Hire the Right Talent
When hiring, take your time. Don’t be reactive. When in a rush, your hiring decisions are usually based on the “now” and not the big picture. Know what you need today, tomorrow, and a few years down the road. In addition to the required knowledge, skills and abilities listed on the job description, ensure you are hiring people who share your vision and values, are a good personality fit that compliments your existing team, and will thrive in your organizational culture.

Communicate Clearly and Frequently
As a manager, get your people on board with your vision. Keep them in the loop about company happenings, ask for their feedback, and make yourself approachable. It is up to you to nurture the relationships through one-on-one and team meetings. The more communication, the more your employees will understand what drives the team – resulting in a shared investment. Recognize outstanding contributions and individual improvements and encourage team members to do the same for each other. The more you can get them rooting for one another, the more engaged and excited they will be about their work.

Replace Employees When Needed
Even with all of strategies describe above, you may still have a weak link on your team. Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, all too often managers (and the employee in question) suffer through the poor performance, which in turn negatively impacts the entire team. If you have given the employee a fair shot at improving and there is no sign of getting better, let the employee go. This will enable you to find a new, stronger talent and allow the struggling employee a chance to be successful elsewhere.

Building an amazing team should be at the top of your priority list. As a manager, rally your troops toward a common goal through a shared vision and value set, strong fit, and frequent communication. With the right people in place and just a little TLC from you along the way, you’ll be amazed at what your team can do.

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Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net