05/13/17 By Jennifer Brown

Today’s employees are hungry for opportunities to build their skills. They actively seek out companies that invest time, energy, and resources into employee learning and development (L&D). In turn, those employers who make this investment see higher job satisfaction, increased loyalty, more creativity, and improved retention. It really is a no-brainer – if you want your organization to reach its full potential, you have to invest in the people who power its engine.

The digital age has forever changed the way we learn – allowing us to learn wherever and whenever we chose via mobile apps and other flexible, on-demand methods. Organizations should embrace this technology. However, technology alone is not the answer. Incorporating L&D efforts into your business – every day – is critical. Here are a few methods to consider:

Video is Everywhere
Incorporating videos is a great way to make your content engaging, integrated, and captivating. Video improves helps tell a story that is easier to understand than words on a PowerPoint. For example, LinkedIn Learning provides quick, easy to watch videos on thousands of topics – all geared toward a person’s professional interests.

L&D Every Day
Today, the most effective L&D is embedded into the business. Learning opportunities should be woven into jobs. This is more than “on-the-job training” – this is a deliberate action to make L&D an integral part of the organization’s learning culture.

Create a Learning Experience
One of the biggest shifts in the L&D world is the move to a more self-directed, learning experience – tailored to the individual. Offering various types of learning opportunities such as online training and job rotation programs as well as nurturing a culture of continuous learning is what employees want today.

Providing real-time, personalized learning opportunities is the foundation to building your company’s learning experience. Take stock of what skills your organization needs and begin crafting your L&D strategy today.

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