02/15/14 By Jennifer Brown

Interview-ProcessLike you, a candidate has a choice in which company he/she chooses to work for, and the A players will likely have several employment offers from which to choose! Therefore, it’s critical to make a good impression with the candidate throughout the recruiting process. Make sure to:

■ Be friendly on the phone and in-person.
■ Arrive on time for all phone and in-person interviews.
■ Give the candidate a professional looking applicant package.
Note: An applicant package should include the application, background check disclosure form, benefits overview, your business card, and pertinent company information.
■ Stay in touch with the candidate throughout the recruiting process. Regularly call and/or email the candidate with updates on the recruiting process.
■ Offer the candidate water, coffee, and/or tea when he/she comes in for an interview.
■ Focus on the candidate during the interview. Don’t answer the phone, check email, or text.
■ Throughout the process, thank the candidate for their time and interest in your company.

Candidates have choices too – so be sure they choose you and your business. Remember, the candidate is interviewing you too!

YOUR TURN: What do you do to make a good employer impression on candidates? Please leave your reply below.

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