01/21/17 By Jennifer Brown

Technology has threaded itself into just about every aspect of our personal and professional lives. This is nothing new. However, the way in which we view and utilize technology is always changing. This holds true for the field of HR. In 2017, businesses everywhere will be challenged not to just “buy” digital products, but rather “be digital” in their HR initiatives. But what does it mean to “be digital”? Simply put, to “be digital” means to think digital – a shift to always thinking in terms of efficiency, connectivity, and experience when it comes to our employees.

Real-time analytics is here to stay
Everywhere you look today, you can access real-time data. The same goes for HR. Whether you are gathering feedback on employee engagement through pulse surveys and anonymous feedback tools or gathering insight through continuous feedback on employee performance, this way of capturing data is everywhere (or soon will be). Continuous, real-time feedback is the best way to understand your employees and how your organization functions. People analytics will soon become central to just about everything we do in management, leadership and HR.

Quicker technology adoption
The days of drawn out, lengthy adoptions of technology systems are behind us. Given how fast technology changes, by the time you go through a 2-3 year implementation of a software solution, it is already out of date. Today, companies need to be faster and more agile. We will need to implement apps and digital solutions more rapidly to keep up.

The role of HR is changing
Long gone are the days of HR functioning as an administrative department only – and we will see this shift continue to evolve. The role of HR in your organization should be focused on making work-life better for your employees through designing better employee “experiences”, not just more programs and procedures. With the level of organizational transparency today coupled with the real-time feedback mentioned above, focusing on making your employee experience a good one is more important than ever.

We have seen these shifts over the last decade (and then some). However, changes in technology are happening at an even faster rate today. Staying up-to-date and implementing the right solutions for your organization will help you become more efficient, more informed, and more strategic in 2017 and beyond.

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