12/14/13 By Jennifer Brown

Employee-OrientationHave you ever shown up for your first day on a new job only to find:

■ Your new employer has no desk for you or the desk is filled with the prior employee’s old files and junk?
■ Your computer and phone are not set-up?
■ No one is there to welcome you?
■ You have nothing to do?

Unfortunately, this happens all too often and when it does, it creates a feeling of buyer’s remorse – a new employee begins to question their decision to join your company. In addition, they don’t feel valued, important, or respected.

A successful orientation is key to getting your new employee off to a good start and laying the groundwork for helping him/her to learn about their position and your company. There are a number of key steps that need to be included in an orientation process:

■ Desk, supplies, computer, phone, email, and equipment should be setup
■ New hire paperwork (e.g., tax forms, Form I9, benefit forms, employee handbook) completion
■ Meetings with key people on team
■ Work protocol (e.g., meeting schedules, arrival/departure time, and dress code) overview
■ Employee responsibilities, expectations, and goals discussion
■ Building tour
■ Key training (how to use the phone, logins and computer training, software, job-specific training)
■ Lunch plans for the first few days
■ Celebration of employee’s addition to team

As part of the orientation process, create an agenda for the employee’s first few days on the job. Immediately following your receipt of the signed offer letter, send him/her a welcome email that explains the agenda for their first few days on the job and tells him/her when, where, at what time, and to whom to report on their first day. This will start your new employee off right, ensuring they feel good about their choice to join your company.

Remember, orientation is a process and should take place during the first few months and even year of an employee’s employment.

YOUR TURN: What do you do to welcome and orient your new employees? Please leave your reply below.


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