07/08/17 By Jennifer Brown

Remember the excitement as a child when the summer months rolled around? When that last school bell rang, a sense of adventure and freedom was upon us as we looked forward to warm, sunny days outside riding bikes with friends, staying up late, and embracing the carefree days and nights that the summer months provide – and best yet, no school!

As adults, this desire is still within us – but our adult responsibilities get in the way! Sitting at our desks, attending countless meetings, all while gazing outside at the bright blue skies can be depressing. Therefore, it is not surprising that during summer, employee motivation, job satisfaction, and productivity drop. How can we combat this decline? Can we balance the freedom of summer with the ongoing demands of the business? The answer is…YES! Here are a few ideas…

Encourage Time Off
Summer is the perfect time for traveling, vacations, and the occasional day off for oneself. Make sure you have a clear idea of your team’s time off schedules. Notice an employee who is not taking time off during the summer? If so, encourage him/her to do so – even if it is just a day or two. Taking time to ourselves can help to reduce stress, clear our minds, and return ready to tackle the challenges of a big project.

Work Flexibility
As kids, the best part about summer was the flexibility to do as we pleased (within reason of course!). Adding a little flexibility into how work gets done is a great way to embrace the summer spirit. Encouraging more telecommuting days or shortened work days are two great ways to promote work flexibility. Employees are able to more easily balance their workload and personal interests.

Host Family Events
Summer is the season for family. Whether we are attending backyard cookouts, family reunions, or taking the annual beach vacation; many of us want to spend quality time with family. Employers can embrace this desire through hosting family events. Consider a companywide picnic, field day, or trip to the local baseball game. Showing that you value family time positions the organization in a positive light for the significant others – which comes in handy when you ask your employees to work late nights on a big project!

Today’s employees value organizations that embrace a work environment that supports the whole employee – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Having a culture that promotes work-life balance and flexibility can result in a happy and healthy workforce – and ultimately, a solid bottom line. So what’s stopping you? Get out there and enjoy the sunshine with your employees…the child inside all of them will love you for it!

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