04/18/15 By Jennifer Brown

college-recruitingThere is no better time to snag the talent of tomorrow, than today. With the college recruiting season in full swing, many universities are hosting onsite career fairs. Whether you are looking for an intern or an entry level candidate, college recruiting can have a positive impact on your business by promoting your brand and engaging future employees. Here are a few simple strategies to follow as you do college recruiting:

Be Selective
Target schools carefully. Recruit only from those institutions that have the types of degree programs you seek.

Think Long-Term
Don’t approach a college career fair with the mindset of only trying to fill current openings. Instead, think long-term. What positions come up most frequently? What new positions do you see your company adding over the next 1-3 years? This forward-thinking mindset will help you better identify talent for your company’s needs today and tomorrow.

Getting to Know You
Many college students want to work for a ‘cool’ company – or at least one they have heard of! When promoting your company at a career fair, make your table vibrant and engaging. Showcase your culture and what it is like to work for you. The college student should walk away knowing the type of impact he can make and the growth opportunities available. And always have a tangible gift (i.e., pen, magnet, etc.) to pass out that will remind him of your company.

Send Your Best
When attending a college career fair, send engaging, happy people to represent your company. Your recruiter is a definite attendee; however, consider sending someone in a business development role as well. Ultimately, you need representatives who can engage potential candidates, carry a conversation, and can speak to all of the different areas of your business.

Build Relationships from the Inside
Identify the appropriate contact within the college’s career counseling center. This person will be your resource for career fairs, job postings, targeting certain student groups, and reaching out to alumni across the country.

As with any recruitment effort, you don’t want to go into it blindly. Having a strategic plan of what you want to accomplish will help you achieve the results you want for today and tomorrow.

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