07/23/16 By Jennifer Brown

Identifying Leadership Potential through TechnologyWith the impending leadership gap, more and more companies are focusing their resources on grooming the next generation of leaders. The goal of any succession plan is to find the most qualified people and get them on track to that next position. However, it’s not that easy to identify intangible qualities such as “leadership potential”. Without a consistent framework in place, this can become very subjective (an often ineffective).

Fortunately, we are living in the age of technology! A new breed of technology providers have emerged over the last several years focused on helping companies identify their rising stars:

• Online assessments, web-based job simulations, and interactive exercises are focused on measuring employee skills, competencies, and behaviors as they relate to leadership potential (e.g., desire to assume higher-level roles, ability to navigate complex issues, and results-orientation).

• Technology takes the subjectivity out of the equation – and makes the process more engaging for employees.

• Employees who were previously overlooked may show up as your brightest stars.

• Many of these technologies are combining the aspects of performance management, talent management, and learning management into one platform.

These systems help employees create paths to future positions and enable employers to draw on internal talent pools when openings arise (always best to promote from within when you can!). A few vendors on the market include:

APTMetrics LeadIN Leadership Assessment Suite – A web-based evaluation tool that uses simulations of realistic business/decision making scenarios needed for leadership.

SAP SuccessFactors – Employee data record for identifying career development opportunities and promotions based on skills and competencies unique to the organization.

Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks for Executives – a 360 degree assessment that compares employee assessment results to those of senior leaders within the company.

With technologies such as these, employees receive real-time, personal feedback and insights while their managers track the employee’s growth, strengths, and opportunities – a win for both sides. Using technology for uncovering leadership potential can provide a deeper understanding of what motivates your top performers (and even those diamonds in the rough).

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