02/04/17 By Jennifer Brown

When it comes to recruiting and retaining talent, the topic of culture is becoming a “deal breaker” for many – not just a “nice to have” anymore. There are many variables that define a culture and these include the environment, policies, attitudes, behaviors, and values that you see and feel in action each day. Related to culture, we are also seeing a focus on employee well-being. Today’s work-life is very different than the generations before us. Technology allows us to be “always on”, the work-martyr mentality is prevalent, and the pressure to produce faster is always weighing on us. But is this healthy for your employees or organization in the long run?

Employers have an amazing opportunity to create a healthy work-life for their employees. This influence involves providing the right environment, resources and support to keep your employees energized, creative and productive each day. But where do you start? A few things to consider when looking at your company’s work-life include:

Review Your Practices
Ask yourself…Do your work-life practices enable employees to stay energetic and well-rested? Do they feel focused? Are they adequately supported when under pressure? If not, it may be time to review your work-life culture. Review everything from your health benefits, wellness programs, work expectations, management styles, and office environment – all of which contribute to work-life. When you do this, you help individuals and teams perform – increasing productivity, creativity and engagement.

Do What You Say
A common error managers make is saying one thing and then doing another. If you tell your employees to enjoy the evening, but then are sending emails to them at 1:00am, you are inadvertently setting the standard. One of the best ways to get your employees to prioritize their well-being is for you to lead by example. Setting reasonable expectations for sending or responding to emails after work hours and taking your vacation days to recharge are great ways for you to demonstrate your commitment to a healthy work-life. Your employees will take notice and most likely follow suit.

Health & Exercise Programs
I’m sure you’ve heard about this one before; however, there is a reason for that – health and exercise programs are a great way to foster a culture of positive mental and physical well-being. Offering gym memberships, encouraging daily walk breaks, creating break rooms, hosting mindfulness training, having healthy snacks on hand for employees, and/or catering in healthy food on Fridays are all great ways to show your commitment to a healthy work-life.

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