11/26/16 By Jennifer Brown

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANew hire orientation and training is an important time in the lifecycle of an employee. A good experience can leave the employee feeling confident in her choice to join your company and excited about the future. On the other hand, a poor experience can leave the employee scratching her head thinking ‘What have I done?!’ Offering training is a great way to set your new hire up for success. Here are a few key areas you may want to consider adding to your new hire checklist:

Role Expectations
A new hire’s first day should consist of a meeting with her manager to take a deep dive into the responsibilities and expectations of the position. This is a great time for the manager to relay the performance expectations for the position and answer any questions. Collaboratively establish goals for the next 30, 60, and 90 days and ensure she knows how these goals will help in the achievement of departmental and organizational goals.

Technical Training
Ensure your new hire receives any necessary technical training on your company’s intranet, email, and other systems that she will be using frequently.

Client Training
Whether her client’s will be internal or external, take some time during her first week to review client history, need-to-know items, her specific role with the client, and any other client or team dynamics she should be aware of moving forward. Best to have a heads up on these matters instead of learning on the fly.

Organizational Culture
Discussing the organizational culture and how things tick can be very beneficial to your new hire. It gives her a sense of what to expect and how to navigate the company waters. Topics could range from the company’s values, the office environment, or management style.

Adding these training topics to your new hire checklist will help you provide a successful onboarding experience for your new hire. When possible, make sure the trainings are complete within the first 2 weeks of the person’s start date (the sooner the better!). With a solid foundation set during her first few weeks on the job, she will feel equipped and be off and running in no time.

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