01/23/16 By Jennifer Brown

New Hire Onboarding Is Automation Right for Your CompanyMaking a great first impression with your new hire on her first day of work goes a long way. It instills a feeling that she made the right decision to join your organization and that you “have it all together”. So, you can imagine what type of impression a disorganized, cumbersome process leaves with the new hire. More and more employers are turning to automated new hire onboarding tools to streamline the process. Automation can reduce the administrative time on your end and is user-friendly for the new hire. Win-Win!

Traditional processes using paper forms can be inconsistent and inefficient. HR or administrative teams are bogged down with hours of manual data entry and time-consuming tasks of tracking and managing new hire forms. With a multitude of providers (e.g., Bamboo HR, Halogen, Taleo, and Zenefits just to name a few), choosing an automated system that best fits your needs doesn’t have to be a challenge – or break the bank. With automation, you can truly take your onboarding to the next level. Depending on the provider, automated onboarding systems can offer the following options:

• Getting to know you” emails, company videos, and other welcome messages can be sent as an introduction to the new hire.

• New hire forms can be filled out, signed, and stored online.

• Implementation of customized onboarding plans for new hires.

• Ability to connect new hires and existing employees to other HR systems so they can easily manage tasks online.

• A consistent, seamless online process with all employee information stored in one place – just a click away.

Getting a strong start from day one is sure to pay off in the long run. Your new hire will feel more prepared and you will feel more organized. Need assistance implementing a new automated system? Give us a call. We help our clients every day implement solutions that result in reduced cost, increased employee morale, and improved efficiency overall.