01/06/18 By PeopleTactics

It’s the beginning of a New Year and time to ACT on your goals! Continue the momentum of a fresh start by putting your action plan for achieving your goals into motion. Here are some critical steps to help you achieve your goals this year:

  • Focus; Don’t Procrastinate: You’ve reflected and created goals, now focus on achieving them. Set aside time each week to make progress on the actions needed to achieve your goals…have a standard day/time each week dedicated to completing your actions (and BLOCK THIS TIME OFF ON YOUR CALENDAR).
  • Track Progress: Create a tool (e.g., spreadsheet or WORD document) to track your progress weekly.
  • Be Accountable: Make achieving your goals a priority and meet your deadlines. Share your tracking tool with your team or an accountability partner.
  • Realign: As it’s said, “the only thing constant is change”…therefore, you may need to realign your goals based on the needs of the organization. That’s fine, just keep on moving forward toward your revised goal.
  • Reflect: At the end of the year, don’t forget to review and look towards the future. Assess what worked well and what can be done better and incorporate that into next year’s goals and actions. Be proud of your and your team’s accomplishments and aspire towards greater things.

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