08/19/17 By Jennifer Brown

Recruitment Roundtables

When consulting with clients on improving their recruiting function, I have found poor communication is one of the top reasons there is a breakdown in the process. Strengthening the relationship between key stakeholders (e.g., recruiters and hiring managers) is critical to having a well-oiled recruiting machine. With a strong recruiter/hiring manager relationship, you will find:

• Recruiters better understand the positions for which they recruit and find top talent faster
Hiring managers better understand the nuances of recruiting and know how to participate
Improved trust and collaboration for everyone – after all, recruiting is a TEAM effort!

Regular communication during recruitment for a position is a must; however, to build a solid, trusting relationship, you cannot stop there. Keeping the conversation of attracting top talent front and center with your recruiters and hiring managers is fundamental for long-term success.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is through recruitment roundtables, which are generally held monthly and led by a member of the recruiting team. These informal discussions are fantastic for building relationships and keeping everyone in the loop on the latest in the world of talent. Recruitment roundtables are not meant to be a simple review of the open positions list…so what in the world do you talk about each month? Here are a few topic suggestions to get you started:

• Leveraging your personal and professional social media to engage talent
Effective interviewing and candidate assessment techniques
Building ideal candidate profiles: What skills and other traits have worked best for us? What has not?
Improving candidate experience during recruitment
Recruiting for our industry: What is unique about it? Where do we find talent that fits our needs?

Topics such as these are guaranteed to engage recruiters and hiring managers in a thoughtful, productive discussion that leads to new ways of thinking, new avenues of finding talent, and a better appreciation for all that goes into identifying your greatest asset – your people.

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