06/24/17 By Jennifer Brown

How we recognize and reward our employees has evolved over the years, yet the key to a successful program has always been to keep it fresh and engaging. When designing a recognition and rewards program, knowing what rewards to offer can sometimes be tricky – How do we know if this reward will be a motivator? When should we offer rewards and for what actions? When deciding what rewards will work best for your organization, consider the following:

Reward Variety
The reward that motivates me may not be the same reward that motivates you. It is best to have a variety of rewards to give employees a choice. There are also online reward providers who offer a variety of rewards including gift cards, tangible gifts, charitable donations, and even “experiences” designed by the company (e.g., lunch with the CEO, your manager brings you coffee for a week, etc.). These keep the program fresh, fun, and targeted.

Reward Frequency
The frequency of when rewards are offered may be even more important than the reward itself. In the past, many company rewards came at the end of the year and were limited in scope, focusing only on big accomplishments – not the day-to-day wins. Rewarding the small actions that lead to the big wins requires a more frequent approach, but is well worth it when it comes to keeping your employees motivated. Plus, offering frequent opportunities for rewards keeps your program front and center throughout the year.

Rewarding Performance…and Behavior
Designing a recognition and rewards program that reflects your company’s values is the best way to embed the program into your business. However, make sure to not only focus on rewarding the end result (performance); given rewarding for the behaviors that your company embraces is just as important. It displays a commitment to your values in everyday actions.

Employees tend to be more satisfied, productive and motivated in their work when they know it is appreciated. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so think about what rewards may work best for your organization and get started today. What’s stopping you?

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