06/25/16 By Jennifer Brown

Summer Fun! Showing Employee Appreciation During the SummerEmployees who feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication tend to show higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, and overall morale – all of which impact your company’s bottom line. There are a million ways to show your employees you appreciate them. The summer months provide a unique opportunity to get outside and share the summer spirit (especially for those us who have to endure tough winters in Midwest and Northeast!). Here are a few fun ideas to show your employees you appreciate all that they do:

Picnics & Tailgates
Hosting a company-wide picnic is a summer staple for many organizations when it comes to showing employee appreciation. This is a great time for everyone to mingle in a more casual atmosphere and get the opportunity to meet spouses, significant others, and children (if you include family). Can’t rent a space out to have a picnic? Try your own parking lot! A company-wide tailgate is a fun way to show appreciation – food, fun, and games for all.

Field Days
These are not just for grade school kids anymore! Field days can consist of various games and competitions for your staff to participate in during the workday. Obstacle courses, sack races, yard games and other light-hearted activities can be a great way for different departments to intermix and take a break from the daily grind while enjoying some fresh air.  Bring in a food truck or two with some summer favorites like lemonade, veggie pitas, or ice cream!

America’s Pastime
Company outings to sporting events are a great way to show employee appreciation. And summer is a great time for sports! Take your employees to a local minor or major league baseball game – a great opportunity for co-workers to bond in a relaxed, fun environment while rooting on the local sports team. Not to mention you can’t beat a ballpark hot dog on a summer day!

Friday Early Release
A quick win with many employees when it comes to summer is early release on Fridays. The summer months bring weekend excursions aplenty for many of us (not to mention the longing out the window to enjoy beautiful weather!). Show your employees you appreciate their hard work AND value their work life balance by letting them get an early start on the weekend. This gesture will not go unnoticed and is often a perk employees look forward to all year.

Showing employee appreciation throughout the year is great idea to keep your employees engaged and excited about the work they do for you. Every season provides unique opportunities, but summer may be just a little more fun for it!

Need help developing employee appreciation activities? Give us a call. We work with clients like you every day to build fun, engaging programs that improve employee satisfaction, morale, engagement, and improved culture. We’re excited to do the same for you!