Setting Performance Expectations with Your New Hire

04/04/15 By Jennifer Brown

To avoid performance issues, it is best to set clear expectations of what success looks like during a new hire’s first week on the job. This is best accomplished with at least several one-on-one meetings with the new hire and her manager. When performance expectations are clear from the starting line, the employee has a… Read more »

How to Welcome Your New Hire

03/28/15 By Jennifer Brown

If you do your best to woo a candidate to join your team only to throw him to the wolves on his first day, you are potentially setting the relationship up to fail. The last thing you want is for your new hire to leave work on day 1 thinking ‘What have I done?’. No… Read more »

How to Keep A Wellness Program Thriving

03/21/15 By Jennifer Brown

A challenge for any wellness program is keeping the excitement and energy around the program alive and well. The beginning of the New Year is always a great time to kick off a wellness initiative since many of us tend to set personal health goals at that time of year. However, as the year goes… Read more »

How to Evaluate Your Performance Review

03/14/15 By Jennifer Brown

Performance reviews can be a successful tool linked to improved performance and high morale. In addition, they can strengthen the employee-manager relationship…when done well. If you are conducting performance reviews just for the sake of it or only to create documentation for staffing decisions, then you might as well scrap your review process. Without the… Read more »

How to Communicate Change Effectively

03/07/15 By Jennifer Brown

There is not a secret recipe for communicating change. However, when you prepare effectively, it can be easier (or at least less painful) than you might think. When you have change to communicate with your employees, you must do so carefully to help transition the organization to the desired future state. Here are a few… Read more »

How to Live Your Corporate Culture

02/28/15 By Jennifer Brown

Defining, communicating, and living your corporate culture is a key element in the ‘war for talent’ these days. Organizational culture can be a significant factor when a candidate is deciding between job offers as well as when an internal employee is contemplating whether to stay or leave. Employees want to work for a company that… Read more »

How to Make the Most of an Employee Survey

02/21/15 By Jennifer Brown

When designed and administered successfully, a survey can yield a wealth of knowledge about your employees’ perceptions of the organization. After all, perception is reality. With that said, don’t just have a survey to have a survey. Take your time. Ask yourself, ‘What do I want the survey to achieve?’, ‘How can this survey benefit… Read more »

How Open Communication Can Benefit Your Organization

02/14/15 By Jennifer Brown

Lack of communication with your team on relevant business matters can lead to feelings of uncertainty, gossip, lack of teamwork, and poor performance. As a business leader, you have the ability to create and nurture an environment where employees feel valued, are able to share ideas, and feel ‘in the know’. A few strategies you… Read more »

How to Survive a 401(k) Plan Audit

02/07/15 By Jennifer Brown

This morning started off like any other morning. Until you opened the letter from the Department of Labor (or IRS) and found out that your company’s 401(k) plan had been selected for an audit. First step, take a deep breath – you will get through this! An audit can elicit feelings of anxiety (Why me?… Read more »

How to Avoid Key HR Mistakes that Get Employers in Trouble

01/31/15 By Jennifer Brown

Whether you are a start-up or an established organization, there are certain employment laws that you must follow and best practices that (if implemented) will prevent you from facing major problems. Implementing these strategies will allow you to focus on your business – not cleaning up issues or worse yet, your defense in court! Here… Read more »

Workplace Regulations…Make Sure You’re in the Know!

01/24/15 By Jennifer Brown

State, Federal and Local regulations — this topic may not elicit feelings of excitement for you; however, staying current with these laws as they pertain to the workplace can save you from time-consuming, stressful and profit-draining problems. Changes to some of the regulations that have been in the news recently include: Minimum Wage Increase Effective… Read more »

Facilitating Knowledge Transfer between the Generations

01/17/15 By Jennifer Brown

You’ve probably heard it before. Millennials require constant praise. Generation X is too independent. Baby Boomers are workaholics. Traditionalists are “lifers”. Although there is some documented truth behind these stereotypes, at the end of the day, everyone wants to succeed for both their personal aspirations and the company’s benefit. To remain successful, organizations should be… Read more »

Implementing HR Software Solutions…Successfully!

01/10/15 By Jennifer Brown

Applicant tracking, performance management, and compensation and benefits tracking systems are all fantastic software solutions that HR can use for daily information warehousing as well as long-term strategic initiatives. Having the right HR software solution for your company makes all the difference. However, implementation can be a time consuming and daunting task. Make sure you… Read more »