07/07/14 By PeopleTactics

photo2My goal as an HR Manager is to ensure that our employees have the resources that they need to succeed, and that our company has the right structures in place to make sure that the company’s best interest is always protected. Having PeopleTactics as a resource gives me the confidence to know that we are doing everything we can to grow and protect our company and support our employees. Jen Brown’s responsiveness, thoroughness, and sensitivity in addressing a wide variety of personnel and compliance matters has been invaluable to me as an HR manager, and has also quickly won the trust of our company’s executives. In addition to providing excellent service and timely advice, PeopleTactics has also referred us to top-notch professionals to help us with more specific concerns, such as providing us with an excellent sensitivity training facilitator. I am proud to admit that PeopleTactics is now on my short list of speed dial contacts. We are so grateful for the many ways that Jen has already helped us, and look forward to continuing the relationship in the future.