11/21/13 By PeopleTactics

Michelle-KupiecHaving Jennifer as our HR contact is crucial in owning a small business. I am able to reach her at any time and she is punctual at getting right back to us. We have had several instances with employees where we have needed Jen’s guidance and she walked us through every part of the process – making sure we had the appropriate language needed and documents. She is patient and kind and always listens to the situation at hand. Her professionalism and promptness make her a pleasure to work with. Before having Jennifer as our HR Consultant, we were making decisions based on what we thought was the proper way to handle issues/situations. After hiring Jennifer, we realized we needed proper guidance and support from someone who has the experience and expertise to handle such situations.The most significant improvements I have seen in our business that has been taught to us by Jen is documentation! You need to have a file for each employee and update it as needed. If there is ever an issue or concern, Jen has taught me to be sure I have documentation that is written and signed by both myself and the person involved.